Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 days Sabah Trip (27-29 September 2013)

Another short escape from the working life=)
No la.. it's actually an outstation work at Sabah for 24th-27th September, but due to the client request to postpone so the outstation job was cancel.

However, thanks to the Company that I had a free ticket for return on 29th September and personally bought a RM66 ticket for departure on 27th September in the early morning. Baby also joined me for the Sabah trip=]=]

The 3 days Sabah Trip had really got me exhausted yet it's memorable=)
Window shopping in KK new town, Museum KK, Mountain Kasih Sayang, Mountain Kota Kinabalu, KK View Point, and also enjoyed the seafood=)

Weather is not good so cannot go to the opposite island. Its really too bad=( I will visit Sabah again..but should be Tawau?!

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